Academic Writing Consultant

I specialize in supporting graduate students to complete their doctoral dissertations and master’s theses.

Your work + my support = results you can be proud of

If you are struggling to find the time for your academic work, I can help you

  • Learn project planning and time management strategies to get the work done on time
  • Develop strategies for getting the work done alongside other roles and responsibilities
  • Recognize and manage anxiety about the work

If you are buried in sources and uncertain how to move forward, I can help you

  • Learn strategies for reading, note taking, and managing references
  • Learn strategies for moving from reading and thinking to drafting

If you are struggling to communicate your ideas to an academic audience, I can help you

  • Incorporate the academic writing moves that help your readers follow your ideas
  • Learn how to use models of dissertations/theses in your field to meet readers’ expectations
  • Gain an outside readers’ perspective to clarify and improve your writing
  • Interpret and apply advisor feedback

If you are conducting a qualitative study, I can help you

  • Learn how to develop a qualitative research question and design a study to answer it
  • Identify and communicate theoretical and conceptual frameworks
  • Learn qualitative data collection, analysis, and options for presenting results

If English is not your first language, I can help you

  • leverage your strengths as a multilingual writer
  • identify language patterns that may distract monolingual readers

I am not a ghost writer or paper mill. I will not write your dissertation or thesis for you. I will support you to produce your best work.

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